Business Model Canvas


Use this template to develop a business model based on your unique value proposition and align your businesses resources and finances

Using a Business Model Canvas has become one of the premium alternatives to dragging one out on paper. These boards make creating and interpreting business plans or go-to-market strategies a collaborative endeavor and something anyone can create.

We define business model canvases on our comprehensive guide as “A business model canvas is an organizational tool that helps visualize the development of a potential business model. It describes the components required to successfully take a business to market. The end goal of using a business model canvas is to gain a better understanding of a target customer base, how to drive a profit, and how to deliver a unique value proposition. These are some of the key components to using a business model canvas and must be defined in order to achieve a successful go-to-market strategy.”

Our business model canvas emulates a traditional version, and there are many different kinds of business model canvases that are commonly used through online whiteboards. Use our business model canvas in order to best create a solid business plan or edit it to fit your specific goals.


  1. What partners do you have that will be able to support you? These could be people, other businesses, or any other organization.
  2. What activities will you engage in in order to support and improve your business?
  3. What are the specific resources that you will need to make your business a success? How can you acquire them?
  4. What is your unique value proposition? What makes your solution special relative to the ecosystem of ulterior solutions? How do you stand out?
  5. How will you market your value proposition to your customers? How will you interact with them?
  6. Which channels of communication will you use to drum up noise around your solution? How will you get people’s attention?
  7. Who is your solution targeted towards? Who is your ideal customer?
  8. What is the pricing model of your solution? Will people pay for your product/service, and if so, how much?
  9. How will your company create revenue and make a profit?

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