Concept Pitch


Use this template to organize your thoughts about an idea or sprint and prepare a pitch deck.


  1. Before you begin, make sure to define your concept with your team so you work from a shared understanding of your concept’s features and values.
  2. What problem does this concept solve? Brainstorm solutions for the existing problem your concept is targeting and how it will improve that problem.
  3. What’s the value proposition? What is the core idea behind why your concept is better or more valuable than other similar concepts?
  4. How does your concept work? Make sure you get as specific as you can in detailing the ways your concept functions and the value it provides to people.
  5. How will you measure the success of your concept? What metrics will you use to gauge your specific and overall success?
  6. What would cause this concept to fail? What are the risks you are taking on? What things have the propensity to go wrong?
  7. How will you test your concept? How can you validate that your concept has value and will be used by customers?

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