Use this template to determine the positioning of your product/service within the ecosystem and determine a solution based on your unique value proposition. This is a very versatile board and allows teams to effectively analyze their strategy and values and develop direct, lasting solutions


  1. Opportunity: What is the opportunity in the market? What is the specific market potential for your idea? What trends can you capitalize on within the current market? Think about the current ecosystem and what you can do to replicate their success while maintaining your unique edge.
  2. Customer: Describe your ideal customer. How can you meet their needs, both met and unmet in their current solution? What problem are you solving for the customer? What specific benefits are you providing to them?
  3. Team: Who needs to be a part of your team in order to achieve your goal? Think about both the interior members and external partners that can fuel your success.
  4. Advantage: What is the competitive advantage you hold over the competition? How is your solution significantly better than the competition?
  5. Results: What results will be achieved because of your solution? What are the returns to the investors, and the quantifiable benefits to customers?
  6. Solution: Diagram your specific solution after reviewing all of the elements!

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