Defining Solutions


Use this template when you are looking to develop a solution to address a specific issue or opportunity and you want to analyze the context surrounding your solution.


  1. Beginning in the center, define the issue or opportunity you’re focusing on. How does this issue/opportunity relate to you? What are the things that make it impactful? After finishing this you will move in a counter-clockwise spiral, beginning from the right, to complete the other boxes.
  2. Beneficiaries: Who will your solution benefit the most? Who is it intended to benefit?
  3. Stakeholders: What stakeholders are needed to help develop this solution? What roles will they play?
  4. Context: What is the context surrounding the opportunity/issue? Are there any similar situations that help position yours?
  5. Process: Who needs to be involved to develop or implement the solution? What coordination is needed?
  6. Approach: Are there any current solutions you can draw from? Where can you find inspiration for your solution?
  7. Investment: Is there a budget? What funding or funding sources are available?
  8. Risk: What hurdles or roadblocks are anticipated?
  9. Timeline: What is the target timeline? Are there any important deadlines or events?

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