MoSCoW Analysis


Use this board to prioritize the requirements for your next project/sprint.


  1. With your team, focus on an upcoming project and envision all of the features that will be available. Try and think beyond the basics, and come up with ideas of features that might have slid under the rug in the initial planning process. Use this template to group all the features into four categories.
  2. Must Have — What features are absolutely essential and cannot be replaced? Think about the core features that are necessary to the project.
  3. Should Have — What is a helpful feature, but one that’s not required for this to function? What would the project look like without this?
  4. Could Have — What would be a useful tool to add to the project but not one that is regarded as a high priority? Think about mechanics that stray from the core use of the project but should be added eventually.
  5. Will Not Have — What features will be purposefully left out from this version of the project? Think about features that are specifically planned for the future or being avoided entirely.

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