Strategy Choice Cascade


Use this template to help guide and refine your strategy to enter a market or evaluate and approach. By positioning your contributions around your “How to Win” statement you can position your strategy directly towards your markers of success.


  1. In order for this template to work effectively, the ideas between the boxes must be dynamic, and you must be able to move from box to box in multiple directions. This dynamism allows your team to create agile and thorough solutions.
  2. Winning Aspiration: What is your purpose? What are your financial and non-financial goals? What is your vision?
  3. Where to play: Where do you fit into the current ecosystem? What adjacent categories can you prioritize to create a niche?
  4. How to win: What are your priorities to win your main objectives? What is your competitive advantage?
  5. How to configure: What new capabilities are required to win? How can you leverage existing assets to your strengths? What strategic investments and innovations are required?
  6. How to deliver: What must happen internally for this to work? What internal structure and governance is needed? What are the desirable internal attitudes and behaviors?

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